Gabriel Black

Thugish Caitiff Investigator


Nearly 6’8" tall with dark, shadowed eyes and a scarred face, Gabriel was an intimidating figure even before he was a vampire. The fact that he likes to wear an ominous, black leather duster doesn’t help that in the least.


(This is not a short read)

The vampire Gabriel Black was actually born Matthew John Jenkins to John Jenkins and Dr. Elizabeth St. Claire in Kansas City, Kansas. His father was a beat cop and his mother was a professor of law at the University of Kansas. Something of a prodigy, Matthew graduated high school at 15 and traveled to New York City to pursue coursework in Social Work and Criminology at Columbia University. It was here during college that Matthew developed an interest in the occult and met Victoria Gabriel, a promising young pre-med student. The two quickly became best friends and eventually started dating. The two were inseparable and in his last year of his undergraduate work he asked her to marry him. She happily accepted.

Matthew completed his undergraduate work at 18 and then enlisted in the army. He quickly found his way into the army’s Criminal Investigations Command and spent a year serving stateside as a CID special investigator before being scooped up by military intelligence. He spent the next two years serving in a field support role for intelligence operations overseas. When he was 21 Matthew was accepted into the US Army Rangers but was injured on his first mission and shipped stateside for recovery. It was then while stateside that he seized the opportunity to pursue his graduate coursework in Parapsychology under the GI bill while working as an investigative consultant (specializing in violent crimes and the occult) for the FBI. It was during this time that his investigative work and growing interest in the paranormal lead him to discover the ages-old truth about vampires and the maquerade. At was at this point that someone powerful within the Sabbat decided that a nosy investigator would make a fine addition to the Sabbat.

The vampires came for Gabriel in the middle of the night, taking him and his fiance. They tortured him and then made him watch as they sucked his fiance dry. Torture and madness, madness and torture. It was all designed to break him before the leader finally showed up, drained him of blood and then made him a vampire in some perverse ritual. They then tried to end it by buring Gabriel alive. They tried. Gabriel went mad in a righteous frenxy, slaying four vampires with nothing but the two ends of the broken shovel they were going to bury him with.

Lost, confused and covered in blood Gabriel began wander aimlessly before he was found a female Camarilla vampire. In that dark hour that vampire gave Gabriel shelter, taught him about vampire society and showed him the basics of his powers. Finally, she presented him to the Prince of London and set him loose. But again Gabriel started to wander, looking for some sort of meaning of his new existance. He traveled for months, staying on the fringes and slowly his unlife seemed to come into focus. Gabriel found himself using his vampiric powers to protect innocent mortals and to punish criminals, mortal and vampire alike, always careful not to break Camarilla law. He also began refusing to feed on anyone he deemed innocent – something that began to earn him some mockery from other vampires.

Eventually he found his way back to London where he set himself up doing what he did best – finding things (for a price). It was hard at first, especially being a young “pup” of a vampire. Gradually that changed as Gabriel solved a few mysteries, survived a few run-ins with the Sabat, all while thumbing his nose at the Elders. Gabriel had started to prove himself useful, if annoying. Cunning, resourceful, with more than a little combat experience and a small anger management problem, Gabriel found himself becoming less of an investigator and more of a bounty hunter or “troubleshooter”. But Gabriel is not subtle. Where some operators are like scalpels used with secrecy and finesse, Gabriel is more like a cruise missile. When he finishes a job, he usually does so by kicking down someone’s door (in the loudest, messiest way possible), shooting the place up and setting the building on fire. Indeed several times has his operation been bumbling, ungraceful, often ridiculous but hey – it works.

While his demeanor serves him well when he’s out pounding the pavement, looking for clues or shooting someone in the face, it doesn’t serve him so well socially within vampire society. Vampires laugh at Gabriel behind his back or outright don’t trust him. Local Camarilla leadership have begun to see him as reckless, insubordinate and a possible threat to the Masquerade. Some would like nothing more than to take him out of the equation but the cold, hard truth is that when things go to hell, Gabriel is a guy you want backing you up. Once or twice a Sheriff has pointed Gabriel at the Sabbat only to sit back and gleefully watch as he stomps all over their plans like an angry gorilla. The Sabbat likes to paint him as a vigilante psychopath while secretly trying to recruit him to their side. The truth, like most things, lies somewhere in the middle. The few vampires who have actually worked with Gabriel see him as solitary, dangerous but ultimately honorable. And many people, vampires and mortals alike, have under-estimated Gabriel’s intelligence.

Gabriel has taken it upon himself to protect innocent mortals (especially children) within his territory and, to a lesser extent, London itself and refuses to feed on anyone he deems innocent. A couple years or so ago Gabriel handled (stumbled into) a case for the Prince, which ended in the well-publicized (if also well-covered up) end to a powerful Sabat agent. This earned him a certain amount of reluctant respect with the city’s vampire leadership, especially the Prince, while also establishing himself as a competent (if still a new) operator.

Earlier this year Gabriel found himself swept up in the fiasco in Paris, getting his first real taste of Camarilla society.The whole thing netted him a nice payday and some serious status in Paris. Never one for the spotlight, Gabriel vanished from Paris mere days afterward, seemingly to travel around Europe seeking training from more experienced vampires. In truth, Gaberiel has been using that as a cover as he attepts to discreetly discover the identity of his sire.

Recently Gabriel has received an invitation to join Genevieve Cheron’s security detail accompaning her to Las Vegas to see the Justicar. Not trusting Genevieve, Gabriel was going to ignore it – until his mentor appeared out of nowhere to suggest that he head to Las Vegas at the earliest opportunity. Gabriel now finds himself conteplating returning home to America, something he never intended to do….

Gabriel Black

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