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Halloween of 2014 is looking to be an exciting time for the Entertainment Capital of the World.

First and foremost, an historic event is about to occur. Word has trickled down from the Inner Circle that one of the six Camarilla Justicars will be making a personal appearance at Elysium, in Las Vegas, on Halloween night. A Justicar has not been seen in an open, public forum in over a century. Vampires are flocking to Las Vegas from their domains around the world just to catch a glimpse of this ancient, powerful figure. As is appropriate for the City of Sin, high stakes betting has already begun. Wild speculation is running rampant over who it will be, and what it is they will accomplish.

The sudden influx of vampires has brought with it a host of other problems:

Traders, vendors, and merchants of all types (both legal and illicit) have already reserved numerous Vegas venues, under the guise of bogus conventions.

The local Camarilla have commissioned mercenary groups to provide additional security and Tradition enforcement within their Domain. Word has it a number of prestigious Assamite have arrived (much to the discomfort of the local Tremere,) and they have been preemptively granted Deputy status beneath the Sheriff, and granted Right of Destruction on summary judgement cases.

Rumor has it that the Sabbat are planning an assassination attempt, or perhaps an outright assault on Elysium ground. There are even whispers that the local pack plans to acquire and detonate a weapon of mass destruction.

The Setite population in the city, already bloated with power and wealth from the hedonistic trades, are surging with ambition at the many opportunities that will arise.

The regional Werewolf population has been growing more and more aggressive- executing daring raids within the city limits. This problem will only worsen as the time of the Justicar’s arrival draws near.

Trick or Treat II

Thus begins another exciting Halloween adventure. Stay tuned to this page for updates.


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