Herschel "Herod" Rosenkrieg

"Prince" of Las Vegas


Herod currently holds the very loose title of “Prince” of Las Vegas.

The entire American southwest has long been a disputed territory between the Anarchs, the Independent clans, and the Garou. Technically, there is no formal Camarilla outfit within the City of Sin, and no established Elysium. The Primogen council only consists of only four members. But Herod aims to change all that by bringing his city, kicking in screaming, into the Camarilla fold.

Herod is a flamboyant transvestite, but at six-foot four and over three hundred pounds, the Malkavian Elder is also an intimidating presence. He has an extensive network of underground contacts, he personally controls a number of the human executives that run the Vegas strip, he is thoroughly fearless, and utterly without mercy. He wrested the City of Sin from those who fought him fang and claw, and he intends to keep it.

His crowning victory was the notorious “bloody sunday” in 1977, in which Herod personally led a daytime raid into the complex beneath Caesar’s Palace. Nearly two dozen Setites burned at his hands, including an ancient Cult Elder nearly 200 years his senior. As he claimed the territory as his own, he also assumed the moniker of “Herod”- and began his long campaign to seize the rest of the Vegas assets from the snakes.

Herod has pulled out all the stops to make the Justicar visit the most extravagant affair the kindred world has ever seen. He hopes that if the night goes off without a hitch, it will earn him the personal blessing of the Camarilla Inner Circle.

(Photo credit: Stock image by Ken Churnus)


Herschel "Herod" Rosenkrieg